Fact Checking Part Deux!

As usual, and as I’ve come to expect, several misleading remarks were made in regards to Foreign Policy, Earmark Spending, The Economy, etc etc. So for you I provide the facts! On both sides. Here’s a sample:

At times, the truth became elastic. For instance, McCain said that one solution to the country’s financial crisis is to “stop sending $700 billion a year to countries that don’t like us.”

The Associated Press reported that McCain was referring to the U.S. purchase of oil from hostile countries and that the $700 billion figure is misleading. One-third of the total that the U.S. spends on oil imports — a total much less than the inflated figure — goes to countries that are not hostile to the U.S., such as Britain, Canada and Mexico.

NPR: Fact Checking the Second Presidential Debate


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