The Reason for, and against, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. (A two-part series)

So, this is sort of…an experiment for me I suppose? In part to see If I myself am seriously bias. And in another way to shed some light on the upcoming election for those who are perhaps undecided or uninformed/under informed, etc etc etc. Since I do have several friends who knows heaps about one side of the debate but when it comes to listening to the other sides they suffer some short term deafness? Being independent and fairly moderate I hope to clear up some concerns, rumors, lies, and so on. I hope you guys who refuse to comment and are shy will come out of your shells and speak up. On that note lets get this ball rolling!

Now first I will put to rest any rumors that still loom about Senator Obama…because I know people…that still think he’s Muslim. *sigh*:

  • Barack Obama did not attend a terrorist or radical Islamic school in his youth.
  • He is Christian (not that it matters is a presidential campaign)
  • Bill Ayers…uh oh guess what:

Chicago Magazine reported that “just before the September 11th attacks,” Richard Elrod, a city lawyer injured in the Weathermen’s Chicago “Days of Rage,” received an apology from Ayers and Dohrn for their part in the violence. “They were remorseful,” Elrod says. “They said, ‘We’re sorry that things turned out this way.'” In the months before Ayers’ memoir was published on September 10, 2001, the author gave numerous interviews with newspaper and magazine writers in which he defended his overall history of radical words and actions. Some of the resulting articles were written just before the September 11 terrorist attacks and appeared immediately after, including one often-noted article in The New York Times, and another in the Chicago Tribune. Numerous observations were made in the media comparing the statements Ayers was making about his own past just as a dramatic new terrorist incident shocked the public.

In a letter to the editor in the Chicago Tribune, Ayers wrote, “I condemn all forms of terrorism — individual, group and official”. He also condemned the September 11 terrorist attacks in that letter. “Today we are witnessing crimes against humanity on our own shores on an unthinkable scale, and I fear that we may soon see more innocent people in other parts of the world dying in response.

  • There is much more about Bill Ayers for anyone who wants to do more research, I have no such interest. However Barack Obama did not begin his campaign at Ayer’s home. And the two only served on a community board together for an anti-poverty group in Chicago.

Senator Obama strongly condemns the violent actions of the Weathermen group, as he does all acts of violence. But he was an eight-year-old child when Ayers and the Weathermen were active, and any attempt to connect Obama with events of almost forty years ago is ridiculous. -Bill Burton

I’m inclined to agree. At any rate I’m tired of listing points so I will move on, as I think I’ve clarified enough.

Now Barack Obama, is pro-choice, which let me clarify to all you bible bashers, is not pro-baby killing. He is for creating a time line for leaving Iraq. Which is convenient since Iraq is trying themselves to govern and move foreign military out of the country. For the death penalty. He has a plan in place for a solution to the current economic crisis (this post is huge so if you care look it up yourself haha), doesn’t want to drill in Anwr, and offshore, and would like to rather seek oil independence and focus on alternative forms of fuel. Etc etc etc.

Obama and Biden are not by any means crazy liberals. They do however often have a difference of opinion, and that I suppose has been a talking point in the media and is viewed as negative? If you wear ugly clothing and your friend wear’s ugly clothing…who the fuck is going to tell you that you look ridiculous? I hope you understand that analogy. And I apologize for the increase in objectionable language but its late.

Moving forward, I think what people are most afraid of isn’t really Obama’s policies. Because he has some great ideas on several important issues. What voters are afraid of is that we don’t really know him. There are several unknowns and his experience is easily questionable. A big talking point is that he uses race to his advantage. And while I admire that someone with an African-American heritage is even a democratic nominee. I don’t at all look at Obama and say wow I wanna vote for him because he’s black or because he isn’t. I look at him as any other candidate and focus on important things, like his policies. Its easy for a country such as us to fear someone like Barack Obama, change is what we need and he is ideal in several areas. With such things as Bill Ayers, and heaven forbid Jeremiah Wright, coming into our sites we get scared. It’s easy also with smear campaigns and mud slinging that can be found so easily in this sort of election. But what we need to do, all of us, not just democrats or republicans, is sit down and research this crap. I know republicans you think he’s the devil and a Muslim and a terrorist and you’d much rather be screaming off with his head at a Palin rally than take any time to learn something. But I have heard way way way too much unintelligible banter from both Republicans and Democrats in regards to both candidates. I started off almost sure I was voting for McCain. But we will delve into that in my next post.

Why should we vote for him? Because he has great policies and to be honest, you want change? There is no better face for change than Barack Obama. We worry also about Joe Biden. Barack Obama didn’t pick Biden because he’s the Cheney to his Bush. He picked him because he has a vastly different opinion and much more experience. The sort of reaching across the aisle that should be admired. Especially in admitting basically that you want someone who will keep you in check as your second in command. Why don’t we vote for him? Because we don’t know him, he doesn’t have the experience, and his history on paper looks bad. Despite that, however, we must take an editorial eye to EVERY SINGLE THING WE HEAR. From both sides of the election. There are so many fabricated facts and misleading ads being run. Its your obligation as a voter to be an INFORMED voter. I urge you greatly to put aside your bias’ and look into the past and policies of both candidates. (real candidates, crazy green party and Bob Barr need not apply)

This site has every policy for every candidate and their views.

I may or may not add on to this later, depending on how complete and logical this all sounds, but for now that’s it. My next post will focus on John McCain and Sarah Palin. Feel free to comment with opinions, comments, corrections, anything!


4 Responses to The Reason for, and against, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. (A two-part series)

  1. natalielewis says:

    Sweetheart, you spelled “Barack” wrong. 😛

  2. Joshua says:

    Holy crap I did. My bad haha it was like 2am and I was drunk! ❤ Thanks Nat

  3. Ryan says:

    Where’s part two!? I have to make my choice.

  4. Joshua says:

    Umm…haha I’m heaps lazy…I’ll get to it this week!

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