A Case For, And Against, Sarah P…I mean John McCain for President.


I would say this has been a long time in the making…but it really hasn’t and it stems from more or less a lack of enduring interest in the subject. BUT, since I’ve done all the writing I need to for the month, I figure, why not.

I figure I should start in saying that in the early stages of the presidential campaigns I was pulling for this guy. And I don’t think that’s really saying too much? He is charismatic, he ‘reaches across the aisle’. And despite the minor scandal he was involved in he’s a pretty straight forward, clean cut guy. What peaked my interest in him the most was the way he went about his politics. He wasn’t afraid to take the same side as the democrats, and even aid democratic minded bills and policies. He was, in my opinion, in the upper echelon of the republican party. He was just the right amount conservative and spoke out against nonsense. The favorite of mine was when he spoke out about the conservative christian ‘leaders’ like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. The former I’m convinced is burning in hell. In any case, he named them to be ‘agents of intolerance’. The exact sort that hindered progress and development of our great country. How amazing that a republican would turn and smack the religious right that has historically been the spine holding up the republican party. And myself being the sort that has a very large problem with the sort of extremest christian nonsense that while based upon a love and responsibility for thy neighbor, encourage hatred and ignorance. Anyone who knows me knows who most of this is directed at.

In any case. How amazing. A seemingly progressive, experienced, conservative in just the right sort of way while also being a war hero candidate. 2006 rolls around as he starts to plan his campaign and he panders to the exact same things he spoke out against. John McCain playing the roll of candidate for the presidency is not who I would vote for. Especially with some sub-par, unintelligent every-woman hockey mom. That was one of my biggest issues, John McCain is old. Which isn’t necessarily a mark against him. But his VP needs to at least appear competent. While many people will say, anyone can be the president…there is a reason that not everyone will be. I don’t want some uneducated, ignorant bible basher for VP or the Presidency. I want someone charismatic, intellectual and worldly. Somebody who FULLY comprehends the task before them. And what it means to be a Vice President. Oh and that Africa is a continent. That there is a world outside of Alaska, and that just because you can ‘see Russia’ from your porch, doesn’t mean you know everything about them…or that you even fit into any equation involving them.

Some of you now are saying, well he’s just sexist. You would be incorrect. I however have a very low tolerance level for shenanigans. Or for the over 16 crowd, Bullshit. The republican party stunk of infighting, unpreparedness, and a general lack of common sense. In fact a lack of knowledge of the voting public, who is no longer it seems run by stuffy old ignorant people and the christian right. It is now filled with youth, informed intelligent youth who don’t just follow blindly because someone says God Bless America. For the risk of this turning more into a less organized rant I’m going to wrap this up.

John McCain is like Communism.

Fantastic on paper, in practice however…well you know how that goes. Oh and Sarah Palin is an idiot.

(I apologize for the amount of…hostility. I’m still a little bitter that the John McCain I knew and loved wasn’t with us for the election. I do however respect the man and thank him for his duty to the country and his upcomming influence in government. I hope he will continue to reach across the aisle and work progessively with democrats.)


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